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July 2017

A Flu Pandemic Is Coming, But When, and How Bad Will It Be?

One of the reasons authorities are currently worried about the possibility of a flu pandemic is the increasing amount of interaction between human flus and bird flus.


Lori Peek of the Natural Hazards Center Discusses Effects of Disasters on People

Based at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Peek takes a sociological view, researching how populations, especially children, are affected by disasters.

PSAPs Move Ahead with Next-Generation 911 as Carriers Lag

State and municipal emergency leaders are revamping their legacy technology to support NG911 capabilities. Now they want the carriers to step up.

State, Territory Plans and Next Step in FirstNet Build-Out Arrive Ahead of Schedule

FirstNet, created in 2012 to build, deploy and operate a nationwide broadband network for public safety agencies, announced plans for rapid state deployment.


The Public as a Resource

In the case of almost any disaster, the fastest response will be from your neighbor.

Know Your Environment

Understanding the importance of baseline, situational awareness, demeanor and understanding the threat is not difficult; applying the concepts to individual, and possibly unique, areas of responsibility can be more challenging.

Civil Defense Reincarnated

Have we lost focus on protecting the general public from nuclear weapons?


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