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October 2016

Known or Unknown Wolves?

Whatever you call them, they continue to challenge counter-terrorism officials.


Intelligence Specialist Malcolm Nance Discusses the U.S. War on Terror

Malcolm Nance has a deep understanding of terrorism and the people who commit these acts.

DHS Hometown Security Website Aims to Help Prepare Your Business for Emergencies

DHS launches site to get the emergency preparedness message to businesses.

The Strategic National Stockpile Stores Medication and Equipment in Case of Emergency

The federal government stockpiles emergency medicines and supplies in several locations throughout the U.S.

Increased Connectivity Brings Cybersecurity Threats to 911 Call Centers

Accompanying important benefits of the switch from analog to digital, one challenge looms large: the increased risk of cyberattacks on 911 call centers.


Living History

We watch emergency management leadership transition from baby boomers to Gen Xers to millennials and ponder our own living history.

The Keys to Corporate Resiliency

Awareness, action and preparation can help organizations better recover from crises.


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