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July 2014

Smart grid

Securing the Smart Energy Grid Is a National Concern

While emergency managers can’t control malicious actions on the grid, they can play an active role in safeguarding the system.


Should States Take the Lead on Implementing Alert Systems?

Some states are implementing statewide systems while others are giving localities the lead and providing oversight and support.

Alaska Aims to Store Emergency Food Supply for 40,000 People

The state, with its unique setting, works to secure its food supply.

Lessons Learned from the Response to the Oso, Wash., Mudslide

Urban search and rescue task force leader Thomas Richardson discusses challenges during the response and how volunteers were incorporated.

Emergency Managers Stress the Need for Social Media Volunteers

Emergency managers are recruiting an army of volunteers who, in a disaster, will harness the power of social media.

How Twitter Will Change the Next Hurricane

In the eight years since the last hurricane struck Florida, fewer people are turning to their newspaper, radio or TV.


Cops on Campus: A Security ‘No-Brainer’

There are no real solutions to the active shooter scenario, but having a police presence on campus is an obvious measure.

How to be a Liaison

We talk about it, write about it and have it on our EOC organization charts, but what does it really mean to be a liaison?

Public-Private Action on Resilience Is Needed — Now

Why not exercise plans with recovery or restoration in mind?


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