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November 2014

Unmanned aircraft

Are Unmanned Aircraft a Savior or Threat?

Unmanned aircraft can be a viable public safety tool but uncertainties and privacy concerns have held them back.


How Illinois Counties Overcame the Barriers to Next-Gen 911

Policy and legal issues prove more challenging than technological ones but southern Illinois counties prevail.

Strategies for Defending the Border and Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Paul Stockton, the former assistant secretary of defense for Homeland Defense and Americas’ Security Affairs, discusses the strategy of "security in depth."

First Responders Left in the Dark on Public Safety Network

The people who would actually use the first nationwide public safety wireless communications network have largely been left out of its creation, possibly hurting its effectiveness.

Maryland Focuses on Energy Resilience to Prepare for Future Storms

A Midwest derecho and Hurricane Sandy prompt the state to develop energy resilience programs.

5 Strategies for Getting the Public to Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

Incentives and opting out can be effective ways to get public buy-in for alert notifications.


The Ebola Threat

Since Ebola symptoms are similar to the flu, people should be getting a flu shot to avoid even more confusion and hysteria.

Redundancy vs. Duplication: Understand the Difference

Disaster-resilient organizations will have a level of redundancy that others don’t have.

Next-Generation 911 Is a Game-Changer

NG911 arguably is the most important technological advancement in public safety communications since mobile radios first were implemented.


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