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July 2016

The Tale of Two Incidents

How the first incident spurred changes that helped response to the second.


Radio Systems Manager of Polk County, Fla., Helps Keep Regional Communications Going

Communications begin again when Ben Holycross and his team arrive on scene.

Spotlight on the Surge

Storm surge maps may help emergency managers enforce evacuation orders.

Meeting Future Emergency Management Challenges Through Education

Capabilities, competencies and accreditation in emergency management education.

Is the Cascadia Subduction Zone a Ticking Time Bomb?

One of the most ‘terrifying’ disasters in the offing is a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake in the Pacific Northwest.

The Technology Suite

Together these technologies can provide a better response.


Presidential Prognostications Shaping Our Disaster Future

Electoral candidates would have us believe that they and their policies are what will make for a new, improved and brighter future.

The Public Safety Subcabinet Model

Since 2011, Tennessee's Public Safety Subcabinet goals have included effective data-driven enforcement efforts by state troopers to reduce traffic fatalities.


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