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April 2021

logo of the Government Technology Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers for 2021

Government Technology's 2021 Top 25 Doers, Dreamers & Drivers

Government Technology's Top 25 honors innovators in the public sector.

Who, What, Where, Why: Meet the Top 25 2021 (Infographic)

A visual look at Government Technology's annual Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers leading the way to make government work better across the country.

Governors on Tech: Broadband and Telehealth Top the 2021 Agenda

State of the State addresses signal strong support for connecting citizens with investments in broadband expansion, more online services and virtual health-care delivery.

Point of View

Top 25 2021: Two Decades of Doers, Dreamers and Drivers

This group of innovative and visionary IT professionals marks the 20th year of GovTech’s Top 25 awards, who in a most unconventional year continued the critical work of making government better.


Electronics-Free Soft Robot Has Potential for MRI, Mineshafts

Plus, an AI for diabetes platform raises millions, Ford plans to stop selling gas-powered vehicles in Europe, and Baltimore ends its controversial drone surveillance program.


Policymakers Should Make Room for Sidewalk Delivery Robots

The use of robots from companies like Starship Technologies for last-mile deliveries skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and legislators would do well to make them easier to deploy on city sidewalks.

Kansas CTO Stacy Mill Champions State Agency Innovation

Chief Technology Officer and Deputy CITO Stacy Mill brings her many years of tech experience to Kansas to boost security, modernize legacy systems and encourage broadband accessibility.

Philadelphia GIS Structure Drives Deeper Data Insights

Philadelphia’s unique model for data and GIS governance, combining the roles of GIS lead and chief data officer, offers an example for other cities looking to get more out of existing data systems.

Why Security Chiefs and State Auditors Should Be Friends

State auditors and chief information security officers should work together to identify gaps in government IT systems and strengthen the state's overall cybersecurity posture.


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