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December 2016

Year in Review

2016: The Year in Tech

According to our analytics, these are the stories readers most wanted to read in 2016 -- it’s a revealing look into the issues foremost on the minds of public-sector technology decision-makers.

2016: The Year in Tech / CIOs Sound Off

We talk to CIOs at all levels of government on a variety of issues throughout the year. But few topics elicited livelier responses than when we posed this particular question.

2016: The Year in Data (Infographic)

While the data from the previous year represents a look back at major trends of the year, it also paints a picture of where public-sector IT teams will be focused in the future.

Tech Transitions in 2016

Take a look back at the major career changes of the year.

Digital Communities Special Report: Time to Share

Shared services can make IT faster, better and cheaper. So why aren’t more local governments doing it?

Four Questions

How Government Can Become More like Amazon

Colorado CIO Suma Nallapati wants to transform IT systems so that people look forward to interacting with government.


Tech Gives PCs Touchscreen Capabilities

Plus, Samsung announces its Galaxy Tab A.

Data Points

How Artificial Intelligence Will Usher in the Next Stage of E-Government

The defining feature of the new perceptive stage is that the work involved in interacting with government will be significantly reduced and automated for all parties involved.


How Public Engagement is Evolving

The continuum of public engagement is bookended by social media and face-to-face consultations.

GovGirl on Social

Can Snapchat Help Government Engage a Younger Audience?

The consensus among agencies that have a profile on Snapchat is that it can be used both as a unique story-telling platform, as well as an interesting way to get engagement at events.

Becoming Data Smart

Successfully Staffing the Cloud

Innovation starts with revolutionizing the skill set of the IT office.


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