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December 2018

year in review 2018

Year in Review 2018

A look back at our most popular stories of the year, and a glimpse of what the next chapter holds.

Year in Review: The Most Read Gov Tech Stories of 2018

From security breaches and ransomware to predictive policing and analytics, these are the news stories GT readers found the most compelling, and they offer a look back at what drove good government work in 2018.

Year in Review: Eight Gov Tech Issues to Watch in 2019

In looking over GT coverage in 2018, a number of major themes emerged — like microtransit and the rise of ransomware — that highlight where government’s attention was and what will be on priority lists in 2019.

CIO Career Changes 2018: Highlights of Who Went Where

All year, we track the major job moves of state, city and county technology leaders. Whether coming into a new position or moving on from an old one, these tech chiefs drove changes in cybersecurity, analytics and more.

Four Questions

Arizona CISO Mike Lettman on Top Security Issues for State IT

Cybersecurity remains as a leading concern at all levels of government. Arizona’s chief information security officer discusses what he sees in his state and new approaches that can make government more resilient.


Philips Smart Speech Recorder Allows Encrypted Dictations

Plus, portable battery chargers from Altigo enable on-the-go charging for most Apple, Android and micro USB devices, and offer 10K and 20K options with integrated Lightning and micro USB cables.

Point of View

Year in Review: A Preview of Issues to Watch in 2019

As Government Technology took a look back at our editorial coverage in 2018, it became clear that many issues we covered closely this year are likely to still be on the public-sector’s mind in 2019.

Data Points

How Can Smaller Cities Join the Growing AI Economy?

As artificial intelligence gains ground, countries are setting national strategies to promote the technology’s adoption. Local governments may not have those same resources, but they can make AI more accessible.


Digital Cities Survey 2018: Key Data Points (Infographic)

The Digital Cities Survey is an annual review of IT best practices of U.S. cities, a look at what’s going right in municipalities of all sizes as well as where growth can be made. Here’s the 2018 survey by the numbers.


Analytics Startup Uses Robots to Improve Wastewater Systems

Wastewater can be a rich source of data on a region’s health, and Biobot Analytics has created small robotic devices that travel through sewers and capture real-time data on chemicals, pathogens and more.

GovGirl on Social

Common Social Media Mistakes New Politicians Should Avoid

Following November’s midterm elections, many newcomers will be taking up positions in state and local government. Here are two missteps politicians should avoid to ensure effective connection with constituents.


Lime Launches $3M Campaign to Increase Scooter Safety

Plus, a university café sells students coffee in exchange for their personal data, and a team of researchers at NYU have created artificial fingerprints that accurately imitate real biometric IDs.


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