January 2016

Grounding AI: Artificial Intelligence is Closer -- and Less Awesome -- than Most Realize

In fact, many in government and the private sector are already using the next rung in humanity’s digital progression.

Thinking Big: 6 Innovative Ideas from Small Cities

How cities with populations under 100,000 are using tech to provide creative and forward-looking services.

2015 Digital Cities: Winners Experiment with Forward-Thinking Tech Projects

This year’s top digital cities have developed a mature infrastructure that lets city leaders experiment with technology projects that are molded in the image of the average citizen's lifestyle.

Cybersecurity Strategies

5 Steps to Speeding Up Smart Government (by Slowing Down)

If you want to increase innovation, many experts suggest slowing down first.


Zinteh Launches 3-D Optical Illusion LED Light, Google Releases its Pixel C tablet

Plus, the Reveal RS2-X2L body camera allows for 34 hours of audio and video to be recorded.

4 Questions

NYC's Amen Ra Mashariki on Putting Analytics, Open Data to Use to Improve City Operations

Mashariki, New York City's chief analytics officer, says the Mayor's Office of Data and Analytics is all about getting data from one agency that can be used by another to meet their missions and goals.

Data Points

Will ‘Helicopter Policymakers’ Stifle New Technology Over the Long Term?

Sometimes policymakers want to alleviate anxiety about future conditions, which often manifests itself in calls for laws that will create “trust” in a particular industry.


6 Action Items to Help Presidential Candidates Embrace Principles of Openness

Candidates should have robust policy platforms that explicitly commit to a more open and data-driven government that embraces the emerging field of civic tech.

Becoming Data Smart

Standards Are Crucial to Successful Open Data Policies

Data standards create a common structure that facilitates information sharing, inter-organizational cooperation and the ability to build on past successes — all important ingredients to driving data-smart innovation.


3 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Social Media Downtime

Social media is never actually “done,” but here are some things to work on when the rest of the process seems to be running smoothly.


Spectrum: Driverless Cars Take the Racetrack, MIT Media Lab Turns Foot Movements into Smartphone Commands

Plus, North Carolina State University researchers developed a device that tracks and shares guide dogs' health-related data with their blind owners, and researchers in France have created rechargeable batteries using sodium ions.


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