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June 2015

David Puntenney, IT director, Westminster, Colo.

Mobile App, Responsive Site or a Little of Both?

As governments scramble to please mobile users, hybrid apps might be a winning option.

Why Public CIOs Are Attempting to Move 'Shadow IT' to 'Shallow IT'

Lately, the term “shadow IT” has grown to include the unsanctioned use of public cloud infrastructure for collaboration or file sharing, and some IT officials are looking to bring that use into the light.

Four Questions

Alaska Monitors 'Lights-Out' Data Center via the Cloud

CIO Jim Bates talks about how Alaska uses its private state-owned cloud, challenges and cloud computing's future.


5 Startups Helping to Bring Government into the 21st Century

The rise of civic tech is helping bring innovation back to government. Here’s a handful of startups in the mix.


Cozy Work Cubicles Help Users Focus

Plus, smart luggage comes with its own charging station for your smartphone or tablet.

Big Picture

Photo of the Week: LED Lights Dance and Move Across Louisville, Ky., Pedestrian Bridge

Every evening starting around sunset, a schedule of programming provides rainbow effects or combinations of colors that add motion and color to the bridge.

Point of View

FirstNet: Still More Questions than Answers

State CIOs still need answers on the national public safety network.

Data Points

Why Skills Matter More than Ever in Our Data-Driven Economy

To improve public services with data-driven technology, governments need to work harder than ever to recruit, hire and retain highly skilled data engineers and managers.

Guest Column

Verified Social Accounts Are More Important Than Ever

Facebook verification is now available for states, cities and counties. Here’s why you need it.


Managing Public Records: A Dull and Difficult -- but Necessary -- Job

New technologies add to the dilemma of public records management.

Case Study

New York City Fights Fire with Data

Analytics help New York City firefighters track potential hot spots.

Becoming Data Smart

How Cloud-Based Mobility is Delivering Value to Small Cities

The combination of new cloud-accessible, easily implemented customer relationship management technology coupled with mobility enables meaningful results.


Spectrum: Cellphone Case Helps Track Health

Also, cellphone device helps spot genetic diseases.


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