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March 2020

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Government Finds New Ways to Develop and Retain Talent

Private-sector salaries and benefits often lure potential public employees away from state and local IT jobs. Here’s how government recruiters are reaching and keeping a new generation of tech talent.

Centralized vs. Federated: Breaking Down IT Structures

Despite a trend in recent years to centralize enterprise IT, not every jurisdiction is ready to make the move toward consolidation. Here’s a look at several governments’ paths to the IT environment that works for them.


New C-Suite Titles Gain Ground in Government IT Agencies

Blockchain architects, analytics officers and reinvention officers now work alongside CIOs, CTOs and CDOs. Here are the newer tech-related roles in state and local government that caught our eye.

Could Spiral Tech Development Lead to the End of Agile?

Government used to have a one-size-fits-all approach to software development, called waterfall. In recent years agile development has gained in popularity, but it may not be the only path that makes sense.

Kansas City, Mo., Merges Police and City IT Efforts

To avoid redundant services and boost resources on both sides, Kansas City IT is merging with its law enforcement tech department. The sensitive nature of police work means the move is no small feat.

Point of View

Future-Proofing Government: Building a Resilient IT Workforce

Millennials now outnumber baby boomers in the public-sector workforce, and IT is no exception. Leaders must work with HR and create incentives and pathways to keep the next generation engaged and on board.


Balancing Emerging Tech with Citizen Need in California

California Chief Information Officer Amy Tong explains how technology is helping combat deadly wildfires, her approach to making state agencies digitally accessible and ensuring Internet connectivity for all.

Startup Prototypes Augmented Reality Contact Lenses

Plus, an Alphabet subsidiary’s tool to detect deep-fakes, Microsoft’s high fine to Germany for failing to upgrade systems from Windows 7 and data on the bots working behind the scenes at Wikipedia.

Dell UltraSharp 4K Monitor Provides Rich Contrast and Color

Plus, the Crossroads backpack 23 from yeti has separate shock-absorbing pockets for laptops and tablets, and Lenovo’s new ThinkPad Fold weighs just over 2 pounds and folds flat to a 13.3-inch display.


Smart Cities Should Get Back to Basics with Data-Driven Work

Now that the initial hype around the smart cities movement has begun to fade, gov tech leaders must examine how to use those technologies to do the most good for citizens and stakeholders alike.

States and Feds Must Help Local Cybersecurity Efforts

Cyberattacks are on the rise at all levels of government, but many small jurisdictions do not have the resources to protect themselves. Their vulnerability affects states and the federal government, who must pitch in.

Curiosity and Humor Key to Keep Driving Tech Forward

Disruption has long been a cornerstone of technology innovation, and new “hacks” to old problems remain essential to dreaming up and creating what’s new and what’s next — and asking whether we even need it.


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