May 2014

Rhydian Lewis, co-founder and CEO of peer-to-peer lending platform RateSetter

Pushing Open Data onto the Global Stage

The U.K.’s Open Data Institute works under the premise that government open data projects worldwide should be driven by private-sector businesses built around open data.

British Columbia’s Services Card May Connect Citizens to Multiple Gov Services in the Future

The province's new high-tech card enrolls people in an identity service that works for health -- and can one day work for any other program where people must be identified online.

Open by Default

Governments outside the U.S. have embraced the OpenDocument Format as the new way of doing business. What should state and local governments know about it?


Smart Cities from A to Z

The smart city movement taking hold across the globe aims to ensure the long-term viability of these major population centers.

Four Questions

Pittsburgh's Debra Lam on Bringing Her International Work Home

The city's chief innovation and performance officer discusses making Pittsburgh a world-class city.

Big Picture

Photo of the Week - Automated Border Control System

E-gates help move people through the airport in Amsterdam.

Point of View

A Global View of Technology

Governments worldwide share many of the same challenges and are using technology to address them.


Does Kenya's National Broadband Strategy Position it for Second-World Status?

The strategy is a keystone of the nation’s ambitious Vision 2030 program, which “aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrializing, middle-income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens,” by 2030, by focusing on economic, social and political reforms.

Becoming Data Smart

Leading Data-Driven Breakthroughs

Creativity and a willingness to take on risk can help unlock data’s value.

Product News

New Products from Dell, Belkin, NetApp

Rugged notebook, tablet keyboard case and cover, enterprise storage.


Spectrum: Safeguarding Pedestrians, Bypassing Censorship

Also, network-neutral SIM cards, and will we see a universal phone charger standard by 2017?


Platforms & Programs