November 2014

Breaking In: How Tech Entrepreneurs are Changing Government

Some tech entrepreneurs are making headway, delivering a range of tools to improve government and ultimately better the lives of citizens.

Is E-Gov Really Delivering?

It didn’t evolve as pioneers planned, but government’s move to digital has been revolutionary.

Social Media’s Next Frontier

Your organization is on Facebook and Twitter — now what?


Crowdsourcing the Law

Will online commentary dictate the future of legislative policy?

Four Questions

Tony Parham on Starting Up the Massachusetts Government Innovation Office

Massachusetts' first GIO discusses open data and the evolution of his office.


Gaming: A New Way to Engage Citizens in Problem-Solving

Using gaming to increase engagement was propelled by the Engagement Lab, a research unit housed at Boston’s Emerson College that focuses on the development and study of games, technology and new media to improve civic interaction.

Point of View

Honoring the Best of the Web

This year's top-ranked state and local websites for digital information and services.

GovGirl on Social

Staying the Course with Facebook

Despite big changes, don’t jump ship with your agency’s Facebook page.

Becoming Data Smart

Technology Takes on Hunger

Interactive Web tools and virtual platforms help city officials break down barriers to food access.

Product News

Smart Ring, Zen Watch Keep Users Connected

New products for Android-lovers take wearables to the next level.


Spectrum: Remain Eco-Friendly While Indulging Your Love of Retro Design

New energy-efficient LED bulbs look like classic incandescents. Plus, the KNFB Reader app turns printed materials into audio for the blind and use this device to protect your Wi-Fi network's privacy.


Platforms & Programs