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October 2018

Solving Cybersecurity's People Problem

Guarding against the latest cyberthreats requires an aggressive training program. But can the human element ever be completely overcome?

What Can We Learn from Atlanta?

The city reports it has moved on from its March ransomware attack, but it may be a harbinger of more sophisticated attacks to come.

New Trends Take Off in the Cybermarket

New technologies have emerged to help fortify cyberdefenses. Will they work for government?

Setting the Cyber Scene (Infographic)

Data behind the state of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Strategies

5 Cybertransition Tips for Incoming Administrations

Best practices for cyberleaders anticipating administration changes this November.

Four Questions

One Special District's Push for Broadband

Garrett Dunwoody, IT systems and technology manager for the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District in the San Francisco Bay Area, on his agency's unique connectivity challenges.


A Place for Cyber in Utah

Utah launches a multi-agency cybercenter — an idea state leaders say is overdue.

Unrelenting Threats Inspire a New Model in Texas

A managed security services contract offers agencies presrceened cybersecurity tools — an arrangement that could take off across the country.


ASUS ZenBook Pro with 4K Ultra HD Touchscreen

Plus, Samsung Electronics' first portable solid-state drive and Pelican iPhone cases.

Point of View

Managing Today's Cyberthreats

As bad actors evolve their strategies for attack, government too must continue to course correct.

Data Points

Designing Accessible Government Websites

To be equitable for all citizens, governments must make sure their websites are accessible to people of all abilities.

GovGirl on Social

The Unseen Consequences of Hiding Social Comments

Hiding unwanted comments on a social media platform can have negative ramifications.


Gone in 2 Seconds: Hacking Tesla

Plus, Molar Mic two-way communication, and the next generation of health trackers.


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