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A look back at our most popular stories of the year, and a glimpse of what the next chapter holds.
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As Government Technology took a look back at our editorial coverage in 2018, it became clear that many issues we covered closely this year are likely to still be on the public-sector’s mind in 2019.
From security breaches and ransomware to predictive policing and analytics, these are the news stories GT readers found the most compelling, and they offer a look back at what drove good government work in 2018.
In looking over GT coverage in 2018, a number of major themes emerged — like microtransit and the rise of ransomware — that highlight where government’s attention was and what will be on priority lists in 2019.
All year, we track the major job moves of state, city and county technology leaders. Whether coming into a new position or moving on from an old one, these tech chiefs drove changes in cybersecurity, analytics and more.
As artificial intelligence gains ground, countries are setting national strategies to promote the technology’s adoption. Local governments may not have those same resources, but they can make AI more accessible.
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