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January 2020

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The 2020 GovTech 100: Investors Bet Big on Gov Tech

From massive mergers and profitable exits to strong funding rounds and bold new ideas, the last five years have seen major growth in an up-and-coming market. Here’s where gov tech is going next.

2000 vs. 2020: How Far Has Gov Tech Come in Two Decades?

At the turn of the millennium, technologists envisioned a future world of autonomous vehicles, online voting and high-flying drones. How does the state of tech in 2020 compare to predictions made on the cusp of Y2K?


Expectation versus Reality of Five Years in Gov Tech

We asked five leaders in the gov tech market what they expected to happen in the past five years that did — or did not — come to pass. Their answers offer insight into what ground was gained and where there’s room to grow.

Digital Inclusion Officer Tackles Tech Inequity in Detroit

Detroit’s Digital Inclusion Officer Joshua Edmonds explains what his role is within city government, why it matters and the creative solutions he’s working on to bridge the digital divide for residents.

Icelandic Citizen Engagement Tool Offers Tips for U.S.

The Better Reykjavik platform has found a way to encourage thoughtful debate for government improvement among citizens while avoiding vitriolic arguments, and similar projects are coming to United States cities.

The 20-Year Reign of Big Outsourcing Draws to a Close

Outsourcing gov tech through mega contracts was gaining steam in the early 2000s. Now, as states and localities turn toward more agile methods, GT looks back at what led to the demise of those large-scale agreements.

Point of View

Marking Milestones: Looking Toward a New Decade in Gov Tech

Our first issue of the new year looks at where government technology has been, where it’s going and offers perspective on the growing ecosystem of private industry that has formed around public-sector IT.


Study: Women More Likely to Say ‘Please’ to AI Assistants

Plus, the American Medical Association publishes statistics on cellphone-related deaths, “adversarial T-shirts” aim to fool facial recognition tech and Craigslist releases an app after 11 years online.


Adaptability Key to Staying Current with Security Trends

As a new decade dawns and new tech emerges how will you keep up with the changes? Here are three ways to continue growing as a cybersecurity leader and keeping your agency safe in an uncharted future.

Deepfakes Are on the Rise — How Should Government Respond?

Bad actors are increasingly using artificial intelligence to manipulate images to misrepresent their subjects. As states work to legislate deepfake technologies, perhaps a federal approach would be better.


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