July 2015

Unchaining Innovation: Could Bitcoin’s Underlying Tech be a Powerful Tool for Government?

The technology, known as the blockchain, is a sort of infinite running ledger, keeping exact track of every bitcoin transaction -- and it may have far-reaching impacts in government.

Disruptive Technology that Could Transform Government-Citizen Relationships

Examples across the spectrum prove that leading-edge technology is spilling into the public sector today.

Is Edge Computing Key to the Internet of Things?

Scientists say moving processing power to the edge of networks solves tough problems. Practitioners say it’s too early to tell.

Web 2.0 (and Beyond): Developing the Next Generation of Connectivity

The Internet as we know it is imperfect — that’s why the GENI ultra-high-speed test bed is helping researchers develop technologies that will allow people to do things that are usually impossible on today’s network.

Cybersecurity Strategies

Can Cybercompetitions Help Grow Local Security Talent?

Hiring cybersecurity staff is difficult, but federal, state and local governments are working with nonprofits to encourage the development of cybersecurity skills through individual and team competitions.

Four Questions

Atlanta CIO Samir Saini Talks IT Modernization, Civic Tech

With roughly a year heading up Atlanta's IT operations, Saini has worked to launch free Wi-Fi in various parts of the city while forming a partnership with Google and Waze to alert citizens to traffic delays to name a few. What else does he have in store?

Point of View

Looking for What’s Next

Emerging technology like blockchain — bitcoin’s backbone — are on the horizon

Open Gov

Laying the Groundwork for Open Gov

A new initiative will work with 100 mid-sized U.S. cities over three years to create and implement better open data policies and practices.

Data Points

States Should Use Open Data to Empower Consumers

State regulators should consider how they can unlock additional data sets to enable the development of sophisticated choice engines that help consumers make wiser purchasing decisions in economic areas where the market lacks transparency.

GovGirl on Social

4 Ways to Constantly Come Up with Social Media Content

When posting to social media networks, odds are good that at some point, you will run out of ideas. Here are a few content-generation techniques to try.

Becoming Data Smart

Analytics with a Side of Discretion

To fully realize the benefits of advanced analytics, government needs to build “documented exceptions” into health inspections.


Spectrum: Robots Will Soon Serve as First Responders

Also, smart walking sticks assist the blind and the Buddy PC app helps people ratchet up productivity.


Platforms & Programs