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June 2020

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Next Chapter for Smart Cities Is Practical, Equitable

The smart cities movement has evolved from sensors on light poles aimed at improving traffic flow to connected platforms that are practical, efficient and equitable for government, businesses and residents.

Transit Partnerships Take On First/Last-Mile Problem

Municipal transit agencies are working with private companies to reduce the difficulty people often have in getting from home or work to public transportation, making trains and buses more accessible for all.

Expanding Internet Access Improves Health Outcomes

‘Double-burdened counties’ have both poor health outcomes and low broadband penetration, making connectivity a priority. High-speed Internet creates access to telehealth services for preventive and critical care.


Fewer Than One-Quarter of Counties Use Federal .Gov Program

Data from the U.S. General Services Administration shows that larger counties are far more likely to participate in the .gov program than smaller ones, and certain states have barely touched it.

Virus Shutdown: Time for Digital Government to Prove Itself

Government IT staff and industry researchers weigh in on how digital services are meeting their moment, with office buildings closed, Web traffic spiking and applications for relief programs becoming increasingly urgent.

Local Governments Work Out Kinks for Virtual Public Meetings

Local governments have an obligation to keep conducting business and engaging the public during the global pandemic, but there can often be more to virtual public meetings than meets the eye.

Point of View

COVID-19 Proves the Essential Nature of Government

The adjustment to life in a pandemic has not been easy, but it has shown that public-sector work is not only vital, but also flexible, and that IT has a critical role to play in ensuring organizational resilience.


Maricopa County CIO Ed Winfield on Guiding Tech in a Crisis

As chief information officer of the country’s fourth most populous county, Ed Winfield has had to balance priorities like an ongoing technology refresh with the new curve balls the coronavirus has added to his plate.

Sidewalk Map Shows Challenge of Staying 6 Feet Apart in NYC

Plus, the dramatic jump in Internet traffic from COVID-19, a new tool from Microsoft that identifies politically incorrect language online and a device that prevents digital home assistants from always listening.


Looking Ahead to the Long-Term Effects of COVID-19

The novel coronavirus shifted the nature of gov tech work virtually overnight, but its long-term impacts will bring even more changes as priorities change and tech offers opportunities to shape the future.

Building Digital Government That Can Withstand Surges

The COVID-19 pandemic overwhelmed many state unemployment insurance websites. While some fared better than others, all governments can take advantage of things like cloud technology to prepare for the next storm.

Public, Private Sectors Must Work Together Toward New Normal

Startups working with government agencies have had to pivot in response to the economic and health crises of recent months. Going forward, their innovation paired with public-sector mission will be critical.


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