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March 2019

Computer Screens with Picutres of Identify markers

Identity and Access Management: Who Are We Online?

As cybersecurity risks continue to grow across government agencies, the little-known world of identity and access management still receives scant attention — but services can't move forward without it.

How Emerging Tech Will Change Our Online Identities

Blockchain, cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning — the market for how we identify ourselves online is estimated to reach nearly $23 billion by 2025 and is poised to disrupt the way we appear on the Internet.

Four States Work Toward a Single Log-In Credential

As they grapple with security and data access, Utah, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Indiana explain how they are leveraging identity and access management to achieve their single sign-on goals for both staff and citizens.

Four Questions

Latah County, Idaho, IT Does Big Work in Small Jurisdiction

Laurel Caldwell, IT director in the county of just 39,000 residents, discusses delivering a full suite of online services and building strong relationships among county agencies despite limited resources.


By the Numbers: Identity Access Management in the U.S.

In a survey of state and local government technology leaders, we look at what identity management tools are gaining ground, what challenges agencies face and what role ID access plays across the country.

Municipal ID Card Programs Take Hold in U.S. Cities

Often promoted for residents who do not hold drivers’ licenses, like homeless residents, young people and immigrants, ID cards are increasingly being issued in cities to access services like food assistance.

Louisiana Enters the Era of the Digital Driver's License

About 77,000 Louisiana motorists have downloaded the license app since the statewide launch of LA Wallet in July 2018. While law enforcement accepts the DDL as a form of identity, the retail sector remains wary.


HP Releases Convertible PC that Works as Tablet, Tent, Laptop

Plus, Dell’s 75 4K Interactive Touch Monitor features 20-point multi-touch screen that works with fingers and styluses, and InFocus Corp. re-introduces its ScreenPlay projector line with two models.

Point of View

Alameda County, Calif., IT Moves to New High-Tech Headquarters

County CIO Tim Dupuis said the move to a renovated historic building in downtown Oakland has generated opportunities to improve operations as well as encourage collaboration, allowing staff to connect in new ways.

Data Points

E-Scooter Bans Show Cities Are Hesitant to Embrace Innovation

As scooters from companies like Bird and Lime become regular fixtures in U.S. cities, local governments should adopt regulatory sandboxes to determine how to best handle the new technology rather than ban it altogether.

GovGirl on Social

Why a Social Media Strategy Is Key to Emergency Management

Regardless of government agency, from department of transportation to public works, having a plan in place for reaching constituents in a crisis situation is essential to effective communication and mitigation.


Amazon’s High-Tech Safety Vest Aims to Save Workers from Bots

Plus France fines Google $57 million for violating Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation laws, and Microsoft expands its Code Jumper software to teach visually impaired students basic coding skills.


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