October 2015

Las Vegas strip HDR

How to Make Smart City Investments Count

Leaders of five major projects talk about what smart components they have and how they made those choices.

The Need for (Broadband) Speed

It’s 2015 and too many Americans still lack broadband Internet service. What’s the problem and who should fix it?

How Startups Are Transforming the Smart City Movement

Smart city technology is luring entrepreneurs hoping to embed themselves in an industry estimated to grow to $27.5 billion by 2023.

4 Gov-Friendly Startups to Watch

Can these companies make a difference in how governments share, conserve and connect?

Four Questions

Los Angeles CIO Ted Ross Talks Running a Data-Driven City

To deliver services to a city of 4 million people spread across 469 square miles, you need numbers, to measure, and to have priority outcomes.

Point of View

Getting Connected: Cities Struggle with Broadband Equity

City leaders nationwide fight to close the gap between Internet haves and have-nots.

Open Gov

The Third Wave of Civic Reform

Evidence joins efficiency, effectiveness and engagement as a hallmark of good government.

Public Safety

The Promise and Pain of Building a Regional Justice Information Network

This network in the Pacific Northwest not only links data for police officers in the field, it also provides a common platform for jails, computer-aided dispatch centers and district attorneys’ offices.

Data Points

Why Didn’t Government Invent Uber?

The public sector failed to innovate the taxi industry, but there are other opportunities.

GovGirl on Social

Social Media Analytics: The Importance of Conversion, Participation Rates

When you’re looking at measuring the effectiveness of your agency’s approach to social media, try to focus on data that helps you understand whether your efforts influenced action.

Becoming Data Smart

New York City CTO Streamlines Tech Strategy

Minerva Tantoco aligns agency efforts with the citywide strategic vision.


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