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October 2019

National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center

Cybersecurity and Democracy Collide: Locking Down Elections

The virtual guarantee of foreign meddling in the 2020 election poses a challenge to state and local officials, IT staff included, to protect American democracy. Experts say the keys to success will be cybersecurity, paper trails, risk-limiting audits and inter-agency communication.

Cyberinsurance Evolves to Meet the Ransomware Threat

After an attack, some governments are deciding to pay the ransom to restore their data and get systems and services back online. But insurers can also help negotiate a different path forward.

Managing Software Updates Still a Government Stumbling Block

Patch management is a cornerstone to information security in today's highly digitized environment. So, why is it still such a vulnerability, and how are some IT organizations approaching the issue systematically?

Cybersecurity Strategies

5 Cybertransition Tips for Incoming Administrations

Best practices for cyberleaders anticipating administration changes this November.

Four Questions

Asheville, N.C.’s CIO on Cyberstrategy and Long-Term Goals

Jonathan Feldman, chief information officer of Asheville for the last 15 years, discusses the changes he’s seen in his city as new technologies have become available, as well as what he sees in his agency’s future.


Free Federal Program Helps Local Govs Beef Up Cybersecurity

Part of the Department of Homeland Security, the Cybersecurity Assessments program offers its services to any public or private organization that requests them, and could be a boon to smaller governments in particular.

Point of View

Ready for 2020? Elections Integrity at Stake Nationwide

In light of concrete evidence that there was indeed foreign interference in the 2016 Presidential Election, it falls to the states and localities to keep American democratic processes secure.

Data Points

Digital Twin Technology Can Make Smart Cities Even Smarter

As technologies like the Internet of Things, virtual reality and augmented reality mature, city planners can build virtual replicas of urban infrastructure to better respond to local energy and environmental changes.

GovGirl on Social

What Could Happen If Governments Restrict Social Followers?

Instagram's new comment restriction tool may be helpful for some users, but it presents challenges for public-sector agencies who must uphold standards like citizens’ First Amendment rights.


Underwater Robots Track Declining Shark Species with Lasers

Plus, Toyota’s mobility play at the Olympics, a high-tech virtual reality technique that could reduce the need for multiple heart surgeries and the perhaps surprising case for building a bigger microchip.


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