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September 2018

Ginger Armbruster Seattle Chief Privacy Officer

Privacy in the Balance

Can local government protect privacy and increase the use of smart technologies at the same time?

Data Sharing: What's the Worst that Could Happen?

Startups are producing lots of transit data that could help inform government policy — but not everyone agrees on what should be shared.

6 Organizations Making a Big Impact on Smart Cities

Partnerships with nonprofits and foundations drive city innovation.

FirstNet Goes Local

First responder networks like FirstNet will be a communications boon, but will local agencies embrace the new technology?

Four Questions

Montana CIO Steps Up to the C-Suite

Tim Bottenfield on coming into the role of state CIO from an agency-level position, and how his past experience affects his future plans.


The Status of Smart (Infographic)

Facts and figures on smart cities efforts in the U.S.

Schools and Police Partner to Ensure Security

As campus safety grows ever-more important, neither schools nor law enforcement can tackle threat prevention alone.

Point of View

What Is the Price of Privacy?

As efforts to increase citizen privacy in a digital world gain ground, what does that mean for government?

Data Points

Boosting State Website Security

For your safety online, your state should implement DNSSEC if it hasn't already (and it likely hasn't).


Making the Most of Data-Driven Government

It's not enough to simply produce data — what that data shows must track with residents' lived experience.

GovGirl on Social

Finding the Funny in Government

Humor can be a useful tool for generating social media engagement in the public sector.


Researchers Develop AI with a Sixth Sense

Plus, Uber hits a milestone, and the potential effects of climate change on high-speed Internet.


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