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July 2017

What's Next for the CIO?

As outside forces reshape how IT interacts with government agencies, the role of CIO must evolve. But how?

As CIOs Grapple with Shadow IT, a New Attitude Emerges

Officials move past traditional "kill it with fire" approaches and focus on the unmet business needs that are breeding shadow IT.

The IT Workforce Continuum

How to get talent in the door, keep them engaged and soften the blow of the retirement wave.

Cybersecurity Strategies

3 Ways to Stop Business Email Compromise

As scammers target legacy tech, government agencies must get savvy.

Four Questions

San Leandro, Calif., Chief Innovation Officer Deborah Acosta on Creating a 'Tech and Innovation Ecosystem'

As one of the country's first innovation officers, Acosta talked to us about bringing fiber to her city and working with San Francisco's Startup in Residence program.


How States Get IT Done

State IT governance models tend to fall into three buckets. Here's a look at the national landscape and how a handful of states are set up.

Help Wanted: Building the Next-Generation Workforce

We talked to young pros about whether they'd want to work in government, then gave that feedback to state CIOs. Here's what they had to say.

Sloughing Off the Government Stereotypes

What are CIOs doing to lure millennials into government IT?

Los Angeles Creates a Workforce that Represents the City

The percentage of women working in IT positions keeps declining, but Los Angeles is working to change that.


Small, Lightweight Thin Client Is Highly Secure, Easy to Manage

Plus, Apple's iPad Pro tablet contains a 12-megapixel camera and the Polycom Pano connects via Wi-Fi with nearly any device for easy content sharing.

Point of View

5 Must-Reads for CIOs (and the Rest of Us)

What books have made an impression on state CIOs as they lead their IT organizations?

Data Points

The Cost of Government Bans on the Sharing Economy

Many state and local governments prohibit employees from using shared services like Airbnb for official travel, even though it often means they end up paying more.

GovGirl on Social

3 Methods for Meeting Government Social Media Goals

The social media platform you use to manage your content calendar is important, but having a solid strategy behind it and making a commitment to update it are equally critical.

Becoming Data Smart

6 Traits of Productive Hackathons

Civic tech competitions require much more than putting a bunch of developers in a room and letting them go to work.


Report: Cryptocurrency Market Has More than Tripled Since 2016

Plus, a robotic falcon patrols Canada's Edmonton Airport to keep live birds safe, and a "traffic light for the workplace" to help increase employee productivity.


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