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June 2019

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CIO of the Future: The Skills Government Tech Chiefs Need

As chief information officers at all levels of government take a wider, more enterprise look at their role than in the past, it is becoming increasingly important that they are more than just tech-savvy.

Shared Service Agreements Bring Pricey Tech within Reach

Technologies both mainstream and emerging promise to improve government service delivery. To reduce costs and increase efficiency, jurisdictions are working together to get what they need.

New Faces Take the Lead for State and Local Gov Tech in 2019

At the state, county and city levels there has been an influx of chief information officers who are new to either their positions or government itself. They offer insight into what they’re working on and what’s ahead.

Four Questions

San Antonio Pushes for Human-Centered Design, Smart Cities

Chief Information Officer Craig Hopkins on what drew him to government work, reshaping San Antonio’s IT culture and how he works strategically with the chief innovation officer to align the city’s goals.


The Club of 50: Data on State Chief Information Officers

Who are the people leading technology in state government? What career paths do they come from? How long do they stay in position? We gathered data for 206 state CIO terms going back to 1994 to find out.

What Are the Most Important Traits of CIOs Today?

In a survey of state and local government tech executives, CIOs weigh in on the key issues they’re grappling with, how they’re handling them and what technologies will impact their operations in the future.

Point of View

New Faces, New Skills: The Landscape of Today’s Public CIO

As a new class of state chief information officers takes the reins of IT across state and local government, they increasingly need to adopt a different set of leadership skills than their predecessors.


Confronting the Ethical Perils of Emerging Technology

Technology is evolving faster than ever before, from autonomous vehicles to facial recognition and beyond, but the charge of technologists to ensure it's introduced ethically is by no means new.

Data Points

Moves to Halt Cashless Stores Short-Sighted, Inhibit Growth

Some state and local governments are moving to ban increasingly popular cashless retail stores, citing equity issues, but there are steps policymakers can take to increase access to non-cash payment options.

GovGirl on Social

Why Should Your Jurisdiction Have a Facebook Group?

Public-sector social media professionals are using Facebook’s Groups feature to generate increased reach and organic conversation that’s not always achievable on the platform with a simple government page.


What Is the Most Common Password Used on the Internet?

Plus, artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies may help doctors diagnose and treat patients suffering from glaucoma, and the number of smartphones in the world surpasses the human population.


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